John Dunning - Funniest Dark Scene Ever

I'm listening to John Dunning's "The Bookwoman's Last Fling" on CD. Amazing narrator, great story...and main character, Cliff Janeway. There's a scene in this book that I would like to nominate as one of the darkest and funniest and most real scenes I've ever "read." It's the scene when Cliff is stuffed in a car trunk. I know, somewhat routine idea but the execution here is over the top, the way he wakes up and starts to try to put the pieces together of where he is and what's going on. Up until this point in the book, there hasn't been a lot of action but the writing and the setting are so good you just don't care. The intrigue builds and then this scene, wham. If books would win awards based on scenes alone, this one should be right up there. One of the keys is just how effortlessly he lets the scene unfold. Piece of work.

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