If you've been around in the synth scene for a while, you've probably heard of the German band Placebo Effect. In 1999, frontman Axel Machens started a new project, Breathe.
I've been using the title track of their cd The Laughing Dolls on my
blog, which is how I happened to 'meet' Axel. I've been a long time fan, so imagine how thrilled I was when he sent me an email, thanking me for using their music. We've been corresponding ever since.

And it gets even better because he's now written a theme song for The Dollmaker, a beautiful, haunting piece that is perfect for the story. I can actually picture the credits rolling for a Dollmaker movie when I hear it! lol. You can give it a listen below and also check out their music on
MySpace and on their Website

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