As part of the promotional efforts for our mystery, Murder Off the Books, my co-author and I, the collective Evelyn David, publish a monthly e-newsletter. In addition to information on Evelyn David's appearances and new projects, we also pen a column of tips and tricks for aspiring mystery writers.

This month our topic was heroes and their sidekicks. We have some great ideas for developing these dynamic duos, but we also created a fun quiz that asks you to match hero to faithful companion. There's no requirement to subscribe to the newsletter or purchase Murder Off the Books. We just thought that Crimespace members would enjoy the challenge.

Please let us know your score. We know that many on this list will get all the correct answers. So far none in either of our offices has scored 100%. But what do they know? They're not professional mystery readers!

Here's the link: sidekicks challenge


Evelyn David

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Comment by Burl Barer on July 3, 2007 at 10:52pm
HA! I love the topic. In my book, HEADLOCK, the PI offers the job of "psychotic sidekick" to his lust driven potential girlfriend. She suggests he have a crew such as Leo Waterman's homeless men in the GM Ford books. He points out that they are not really homeless, they live in a condo in Ford's word processor.

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