EBMRG - 7 August 2007 Meeting Handout



Tuesday July 3rd, 2007 - 7 p.m.

Books will be discussed for Character, Plot, Setting and General Comments.
Ratings categories are:

Ex - A "Wow" read; unique, memorable, a major step forward or standout book for the author. A top read.

VG+ - Close to excellent with only one or two small quibbles

VG - Enthused about it; very well done for it's genre

G+ - Enjoyed it very much

G – Enjoyed the book

Okay - Enjoyed it but with significant reservations. Only okay.

Poor - Wasn't awful, but wasn't good either. Finished it with difficulty.

NR - Did not work for me. Would not recommend this book to others.

DNF – Awful. Did not finish.

Books for August 7th, 2007

MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS - 9th in series Traditional mystery-Hercule Poirot-Europe-1934
Agatha Christie
- 4th in series
Police Procedural-Det. Nic Costa-Italy-Cont
David Hewson
THE ART OF DETECTION - 5th in series
Police Procedural-Det. Kate Martinelli-San Francisco-Cont
Laurie R. King

With so many of our members having been away for the July and July meetings we have moved two of the July books to August. So...
BOOKS FOR August 7th, 2007:

THE VIRGIN OF SMALL PLAINS - Standalone Mystery-Mitch Newquist-Nebraska-Cont
Nancy Pickard

Nancy has written:
- 10 books inthe Jennie Cain series;
- 3 in the Eugenia Porter series (originated by Virginia Rich);
- 3 in the Marie Lightfoot series; and
- Contributed to the anthology "Naked Came the Phoenix" along with a number of other well-known female writers.
- "Virgin of Small Plains" is her first standalone.

THE MIDNIGHT ROAD - Standalone Licensed Investigator-Flynn-Long Island, NY-Cont
Tom Piccirilli
Other standalones by Tom Picirilli are:
- Dark Father
- Shards
- Inside the Works
- Hexes
- The Night Class
- The Deceased
- The Lower Deep
- Grave Men

- A Choir of Ill Children - Fuckin' Lie Down Already
- Thrust
- November Mourns
- The Dead Letters
- Headstone City
- The Midnight Road

THE LOST VAN GOGH - 1st book
Police Procedural-Det. Clay Ryder-Cont
A.J. Zerries

This is the first book by the husband and wife team of Al and Jean Zerries

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