SPARE CHANGE (PI/Polc. Proc- Sunny Randall-Boston-Cont) - VG Parker, Robert B. – 6th in series
G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 2007, US Hardcover – ISBN:

First Sentence: I sat with my father at the kitchen table and looked at the old crime-scene photographs.

PI Sunny Randall joins forces the police and FBI in trying to catch a killer. Twenty years ago, her father, Phil Randall, was head of the police task force trying to catch “The Small Change Killer.” The killings stopped and no one was ever caught. Now the pattern is being repeated. Sunny thinks she’s identified the killer but they need proof and a connection to the killings in the past.

I am a Parker fan. Even though I get tired of his protagonists angst over relationships, there is also a point to it. He creates interesting characters, including his villains. His dialogue is sharp with an element of humor. He knows how to give the reader a sense of location and place. The plot is tight and balances life with suspense. When I pick up a Parker book, I never have to wonder whether I’m going to enjoy it; it’s a guaranteed good read.

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