BLOODTHIRSTY (Police Procedural-Lomax & Biggs-Los Angeles-Cont) – G+
Karp, Marshall – 2nd in series
Macadam Cage, 2007 – US Hardcover – ISBN: 9781596922099

First Sentence: Roger and Aggie held hands as they watched the kid bleed out.

Detectives Mike Lomax and Terry Biggs are back. They are all set to negotiate a movie version of their first case in Familyland except the producer, Barry Gerber, they are suppose to meet doesn’t show up; that is, until his body is found in a trash can having been completely drained of blood. After one of Gerber’s actors is found similarly drained, getting their movie made takes second place to finding the killer.

This second book by Karp certainly moved much faster and was more tightly written than was the first, “The Rabbit Factory” merely by the fact of this book being 425 pages as opposed to the 600+ of book one. Some of the suspense of the story was diminished by the scenes from the villain’s point-of-view. The humor and interaction between the two partners was there. Perhaps that is why these books feel a bit mystery-lite to me. They are interesting, quick, fun reads for a Sunday afternoon or an plane trip but they don’t quite make the top of my police procedural/PI ranks.

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