NEON DRAGON (Legal Thriller-Michael Knight-Boston-Cont) – VG+
Dobbyn, John F. – 1st book
University Press of New England, 2007, US Hardcover – ISBN: 158465614X

First Sentence: Suppose you were to wake up one Monday morning to a promising, amber sun rising out of Boston Harbor.

Michael Knight is a young attorney in a very prestigious Boston law firm. Lex Devlin is a legendary attorney whose career was nearly ruined by rumor that he bought a juror. Now the two are working together to defend, and prove innocent, the son of an important Judge. The young man is accused of shooting a revered elderly man in Chinatown. In the investigation, Michael, with his college friend Harry, sees sides of Chinatown he didn’t know existed and he may not survive the experience.

Gripping, exciting, suspenseful—over the top at times but boy, did it keep me turning the pages. There was good development of the main characters, wonderful wry humor and a chance to visit my favorite city of Boston and the drive to Canada. I can’t ensure the accuracy of the legal scenes, but considering Dobbyn was a practicing lawyer and now a professor of law, I have to assume they are correct. They certainly aren’t dull, as is nothing in this book. If you are looking for an exciting weekend read, this is it. I’ll also admit I also loved that his inside cover picture is him, his wife and their dog.

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