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Hello everyone! I'm new to the Ning network, and I'd like to tell you about myself. My name is Linda Houle and I live in the Houston, Texas area, USA.

In early 2006 Lisa Rene' Smith and I started L&L Dreamspell, what I like to call a "micro-publishing company" - that also means "small press!"

We decided we'd like to handle everything for our own books, then go on to publish works by other talented authors. We're certainly well on our way now in 2007, and growing fast.

I didn't think mystery would be such a large part of our line, but Lisa and I were drawn to a local mystery writer's group called "The Final Twist" and the rest, as they say, is history! Not only have we published numerous books by our fellow group members (and a lot of other authors,) we're also publishing the mystery group's first anthology, called "Dead and Breakfast" - a collection of ten stories by nine different authors.

I recently found the Ning network, and was happy to find the Crimespace group - it's always exciting to meet other mystery fans. This page is a place I can use to tell you about my wonderful fellow writers, and if you want to learn more about them they each have a web page on the L&L Dreamspell site, and most have their own personal websites and blogs too.

I welcome new Ning friends - I hope you enjoy your visit to my page! I'll post a new featured book each month or so - please come back again...


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