I signed, I got published, I chilled out!

Last week was quite the roller coaster ride for me. My Independence Day began with a successful book signing at the Waldenbooks in Landmark Mall. Mall traffic was lighter than usual, but the store manager told me when I left that I had been responsible for 24 percent of the day's sales. I rode that joyous news back home to a wonderful cookout with a small collection of good friends.

The weekend brought less exciting news. My schedule seems to have overloaded the book distributor's warehouse. I was scheduled to appear at the Waldenbooks store in Manassas yesterday but the manager contacted me to let me know that despite ordering a good number of books for me to sign he had received only five. We agreed to postpone that event to the fall.

But in between those highs and lows I received official notification that an article I submitted to the Mystery Readers Journal had been accepted. If you're unfamiliar with it, MRJ is a quarterly thematic mystery Journal. Each issue contains articles, reviews, and author essays on a specific theme, as well as special columns, a calendar of events, and other mystery related material. This particular issue is all about the Ethnic Detective, so I just had to send them an article.

The Journal is the official publication of Mystery Readers International, the world's biggest mystery fan/reader organization. Open to all readers, fans, critics, editors, publishers, and writers. Its members - in all 50 states and 18 foreign countries - vote each year to nominate and select the winners of the Macavity Award. You can't read the whole magazine on line, but you can read the table of contents and sample articles at http://www.mysteryreaders.org/Issues/Ethnic2_07.html and if you're on this site, you really should join MRI and subscribe to the Mystery Readers Journal.

Oh, I can't end this without a special shout-out to fellow mystery writer Sunny Frazier for alerting me to the call for submissions for this issue. Love ya, Sunny!!

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