I've had fun signing my novels at Borders Express in Springfield Mall before, but never as much fun as I had Saturday. This time I joined two other local authors to present our novels to new readers and many who already knew one writer's books but not the other two. It is always great to tell people about my writing, but it's a different kind of fun to present someone else's work and to hear other writers talk about my own.

One of fellow authors, Candice Poarch, is a prolific writer of romance and romantic suspense novels. I realize that this isn't the kind of work most of my readers would appreciate, but those of you who may want to branch out into that genre should search out Candice's stand alone romances and her family trilogy, "Quest for the Golden Bowl" at http://www.candicepoarch.com.

Lovers of detective fiction will find the novels of Rique Johnson to be perfect companions to the Hannibal Jones series. His detective Jason Jerrard stars in stories that always manage to contain romance, suspense, AND a solid mystery. If you've already read all of my books, there is no better way to pass the time while you're waiting for my next book than to pick up one of Rique Johnson's novels and get hooked on his series too. Check his books at http://www.riquejohnson.com/

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