When I stepped off the plane in Savannah, it was hot enough to turn a guy to lava. I made my way to the spa where I'd been told I could find "Hard-hearted" Hannah Granitelli, a nightclub chanteuse and sometime girlfriend of my target, Rocky Cahoney.

I found Hannah in the atrium, taking some sort of beauty treatment. She looked me over at a distance and made her decision. Her face turned stony as I approached. "I got nothing to say to the likes of you," was her greeting.

"Gimme a chance, will ya? I just want to talk to you for a second."

"I know what you want, and you're out of luck, sugar. I would never betray Rocky." She closed her eyes, shutting me out of her vision and her mind.

I stood for a moment wondering what to do. It seemed I'd come a long way for nothing, so I turned and walked out.

On the street as I waited for a taxi, I heard a soft voice behind me. "Mister."

I turned to see the woman who'd been next to Hannah, a dazzling redhead with sparkling eyes and a flawless complexion. I knew who she was: Hannah's sister, Ruby. "Yeah?"

"If you're looking for Rocky, I can help."

I gave her a stony stare. "Why would you help me?"

Ruby's glance shot toward the spot where her sister lay waiting for the next step of her treatment. "He's no good for her. She's going to get hurt."

"You got that right."

"I want him put away." And then Ruby whispered a time and place in my ear. I went on my way, wondering if that little gem was really offering help or if I was being set up big time.

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