Harry Potter & The Busy Hollows of Sales

Some people said it would be a mistake to schedule a book signing on Saturday, July 21 in the wake of an aircraft carrier known as "Harry Potter." I was in Macdonald Book Shop in Estes Park, Colorado. This bookstore is 79-years-old. It's tidy, cozy and very well kept. The books shine. Just walking in makes you want to read. The staff could not have been more friendly. Conservatively, I would say 50 percent of the customers asked if there were any copies left of the final Harry Potter book. No, there weren't any left but you could sign up and maybe get one next Thursday, when the next UPS shipment would arrive. Anyway, the store had seven copies of "Antler Dust" for me to try and sell. By days' end, I had sold 20 -- retrieving back-up copies out of my trunk. I think part of it was the upbeat atmosphere that Harry Potter creates. Adults recall the pleasure that's possible between the pages of a good book. It was a great day to be standing in a book store, meeting people and talking about writing. Hate to be so cheery and upbeat but just a positive thought after a good day of sales. Today, at a Borders in Boulder, not quite so upbeat...just six copies sold. But it was hot and overall traffic, to say the least, was slow. Bring on the big sellers, I say, and let me catch a few drops in the sales' wake.

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