Promote your book tours--for free! Canada and US authors.

I'm sending this out to all my author friends and I hope you'll pass it on to yours.
While researching sites for my upcoming "Touring the World" virtual book tour in August, I stumbled across a new site that promotes authors book signings and tours. It's created a buzz in the industry, even at BEA.
It is a FREE service, and since it is so new, those of us who get in now (think of MySpace when it was brand new!) may see some extra benefits. For my fellow Canadian author friends, I spoke with the CEO last week and told him that there were many authors from this side of the border who could use his service. He just emailed me a few minutes ago and it is now set for us too. People can search by zip or postal code to see what events and authors are in their area. This is also great for people who need authors!
I was quite happy to be the first official Canadian who's come onboard. lol I've already set up my page, and it's quite easy to add events. Readers and fans can opt for an email alert to your events too.
I invite you to check it out and sign up at BookTour.
Happy eventing! :)
Cheryl Kaye Tardif
author of Whale Song, The River and Divine Intervention

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