DEAD CONNECTION tour - Day 9 -July 24

I swear, y'all. I leave town for a week and Lindsay Lohan gets popped again?! Seriously, what kind of entourage does she keep that allows her to engage in high speed SUV chases with a .12 BAC and coke in her pocket? BTW, if you haven't seen the clip of CNN's Jack Cafferty attempt to boycott the LiLo story, it's proof that the man might occasionally climb off his rocker but hasn't consumed the cable news koolaid yet.

Oh, yeah, this is the book tour blog. The folks who showed up to Denver's Murder by the Book, despite the heat, were total troopers. My rambling tangent about the awesomeness that is The Shield and The Wire probably sold more DVDs of those shows than my book, but oh well....

I still have a massive sugar high from the inch-high frosting on the cake that looked like the Dead Connection jacket.

A final piece of news for the collectors out there: If you haven't purchased a copy of Dead Connection and want a first edition, first printing, you might want to call your bookstore soon. The last couple stores told me they've run out and are on to third printings. (Question: What happened to the seconds? Anyone have one? Maybe those are the rarest of all!)

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