"A Fantastic Opportunity" my current novel I am marketing

The synopsis is all about a man in his late fifties. He has a wife and two teenage sons. His wife has had medical problems and the healthcare expenses are rising. Deep over his head in debt and wanting to find a better job as he has been working at a department store acting as the regional manager. However, he has hit the top with his earnings. With working sixty hour weeks, there is little hope that even a part-time job will dent his needs. One evening he is looking through the want ads. There was nothing comparable to what he needed to come out ahead so he started surfing the net to find other resources. He found an ad that read, "Fantastic Opportunities" all we need is your soul. You can live the dream you have always wanted; with a good company and great benefits. If you feel you are able minded, contact us and we will send over a representative to sign a contract with us.

Jack Samson, the main character with his wife Katie, sons George and Damon are all excited for the new job. One thing that Jack did not tell his family is that in signing an agreement, meant that he sold his soul. Jack was not concerned, as he wasn't a religious man but his wife was so he didn't tell his family.

He starts his job and finds that there is more to this company. Deep secrets that have to be found. He hires a private investigator named Larry Colburt to follow his boss. What he finds is more than what he wanted to know. Now he is trying to get out of the contract and get his life back. However, there are dark forces that track his every move making his decision even more dangerous for not just himself but his family as well.

This book is a suspense genre', on the edge of your seat type of reading.

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Comment by Krystal Waters on July 31, 2007 at 4:33pm
I am trying my best to get this pubished. I feel it's the better novels I've written so I go in confidently knowing I have a good product. Hopefully, soon I'll get responses back with a contract!

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