Romeo and Juliet: A Modern Day Sequel

Romeo and Juliet Have Cybersex in New Sequel to Shakespeare's Play

Romeo and Juliet: A Modern Day Sequel
A Novel by James Edwards
360 Pages

Romeo Montague dies for Juliet
and awakens in this age on a volcano in Hawaii where he meets a wise Zen Master.

So begins the opening premise of James Edwards' time-travel romance novel: "Romeo and Juliet: A Modern Day Sequel". Sadly for Romeo, there is no sign of his beloved wife Juliet. As the years pass his memory of her fades. Yet one day, he logs into an Internet chatroom and meets a beautiful young actress by the name of Emma Gallant, who we find out later is Shakespeare's Juliet reincarnated.

As James Edwards spins the hot cyber-romance around Shakespeare's famous soulmates, he draws on themes from Zen Buddhism, Hollywood narcissism and new age philosophy. Explaining why he decided to cast Romeo and Juliet in a kinky cybersex scene, the author explains, "I wanted to place significant social barriers between them, as it was in Verona, Italy. This is essential to present the Buddhist concept of sameness, which states that an individual will go through many lifetimes meeting the same people while working out the same karma."

The villain of the novel is none other than Shakespeare's character, Cousin Tybalt, who is reborn as Johnny Perfection -- Hollywood actor, cad and general nemesis of Romeo. Johnny Perfection enlists the help of a dubious hacker named Fat Sam, who destroys Romeo and Juliet's Internet accounts, thus separating them again.

Romeo must recount his past lives in ancient Egypt and Atlantis, as he searches for his online lover who he comes to realizes is Juliet Capulet. As the story climaxes, Romeo is comically portrayed as both a Hollywood stalker and the legendary romantic simply seeking his wife from Verona, Italy.

"Romeo and Juliet: A Modern Day Sequel" is available through Romeo Publishing Company at and other large booksellers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
ISBN: 978-0-6151-4730-7.

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