I turned in book 3 in the bayou series to my editor. I can't wait to hear her thoughts. The first revision letter is always the scariest. Now, I look forward to hearing her ideas on what will make the story even better. I'm blessed to have an editor who knows what her line's readers like. My mentor once told me that my story isn't anything until someone interacts with it, and my editor is the first one and gives me that feedback. So, I'm anxiously awaiting to hear what she has to say.

I also submitted the proposal for book 4 in the bayou series to her. This is the one book that from the beginning of planning this series, I knew I'd have a blast writing. It's the one heroine who's most near my heart, and her story will be the most fun to tell. So, I'm anxiously awaiting hearing back from my editor on that as well.

In the meantime, I'm working on the proposal for my single title EXPOSURE to be ready to pitch at the ACFW conference in Dallas in September. It's amazing that we have 50 days left until conference! I'm keeping really busy with last minute conference things, but I'm determined to have this proposal ready to pitch.

So, what about you? What're you working on?

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