You were wondering what Brian Lindenmuth at was thinking about my book, you can take a look for yourself. He has very nice things to say, but the best thing is he has is a rating system that goes up to 10 for the perfect book - I noticed James Sallis rang the bell with his book DRIVE. Well deserved, of course. Donna Moore almost got there with a 9.5 on the Brian scale. I got a 9. Not bad considering some Ken Bruen novels clocked in at 8.5. Now, I certainly don't know in what way anything I've written could be better than a Bruen novel, but...I'l take it.

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Comment by Steven Torres on August 3, 2007 at 1:55am
Ah, Ms. 9.5 speaks... Tremendous to hear that from you. I'm wondering, however, if "It made me cry" would work as a blurb. A bit ambiguous, no?
Comment by Donna Moore on August 3, 2007 at 1:52am
Brian's review is spot on. It'sa great book Steven. It will definitely be on MY best of list for 2007. It's one of those books that keeps working on you even after you have finished it and gone on to the next one. There's still a little piece of it left in my heart. Loved it, and it made ME cry too.

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