Day 8 of Cheryl's virtual book tour - interviews with Muze's Musings and ArtistFirst Radio Network

Day 8 finds me with two exciting stops. First, please visit Muze's Musings where I am interviewed by author Nikki Leigh. Today we talk about everything Whale Song, from setting to native legends to research.

Nikki - Tell us a bit about how Whale Song came to be.
Cheryl - Whale Song arrived as a simple idea: ‘What if your mother died when you were young, a pre-teen?’ It then evolved to: ‘What if there was a mystery surrounding your mother’s death?’ And of course, these ideas took shape, joining with a native legend I had heard years ago about killer whales being the reincarnated souls of loved ones who have passed on.

The plot for Whale Song literally ‘haunted’ me for two years, but I was jaded by the writing business, and wasn’t sure if I wanted to go through writing something, sending it out and getting back another stack of rejection letters. And then one day, I was visiting with a friend and for some reason started telling her the story of Whale Song. The tears in her eyes made me realize I was really onto something. And then she gave me some very wise advice. She said...

And be sure to stop by ArtistFirst Radio Network TONIGHT, AUGUST 8th at 6:00 PM Eastern when Cheryl is interviewed LIVE and in person.

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