There are a lot of new posts on my book theme blogs. Is one of your books featured? There have been plenty of great submissions and I'm always looking for more books to feature. If you're interested, click on HOW TO SUBMIT on any of the blogs to learn how to submit your book.
These are the blogs. Is there any elements from your book that you would like to share with others? Click on any of the blogs to read some of the great submissions. There is at least one new post on each blog.
First Chapter Blog - Share the First Chapter of Your Book
Share Information about the Best Friend in Your Book
Judge a Book by Its Cover - Share Your Book Cover and the Story Behind the Cover
Its All In the Setting - Tell Us More About the Setting of Your Book
Share Information About the Heroine of Your Book
Share Information About the Hero of Your Book
Tell Us About the Bad Guy or Bad Girl in Your Book
Start With the Facts - For All Non Fiction Books and many Fiction
I look forward to learning more about your books. I also use these blogs as stops for virtual author tours. They are promoted each week and are a fun way to help new people hear about your books.
Nikki Leigh

Nikki Leigh – Fiction Author –
“Coastal Suspense with a Touch of Romance”

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