I'm not actually a big baseball fan. I was when I was younger, but now, on the rare occasions I do what a sports event it is tennis or college football.

Go Penn State.

Anyway, last night I was at an Atlantic League game. Somerset Patriots vs the Road Warriors. And it really started out very boring. No hits for the first few innings. The Road Warriors had a guy who could steal bases. He was unstoppable. A fast runner. So finally the Patriots score two runs on a hit. Two rbi's and on a double to left field. Just inside the foul line.

Then the Road Warriors scored a run.

Then the Patriots scored a run. We were ahead. Yeah!

At the top of the ninth, the Patriots were still ahead. The first out was easy. Then two people got on base. Then the guy stole third With two outs there was a guy on third and a guy on second. The guy on third was the base stealer. Like I said. Fast.

The batter hit a ball that bounced once then was picked up by the second basement who threw the most perfect throw to the catcher who tug out the runner going home. It was sweet.

To put icing on the cake, The Patriots have the best fireworks display I've ever seen.

Everyone had a good time.

But I had to think about the fact that these guys do their job in front of thousands of people. When the coach comes out to talk to the pitcher, the poor guy is gettin a performance appraisal in front of thousands.


Kind of like reviews for a writer.

Thankfully, I've gotten two good ones. but that's another blog post.

"Take me out to the ballgame ..."

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