As you can see on my page here, I made a little video promo for my flagship novel, "Blood and Bone." Well it's also on YouTube now and I'm ready to go viral. No, I don't want to infect you with a bug, but a video "goes viral" when people pass it around like a bad cold. To do that I need your help. You only need to do three things, and none of them costs you anything but a couple minutes.

First, go to this link - and view my video. After you finish laughing at me, move to part two, which is to paste that URL into an e-mail and send it to everyone in your address book along with a note asking for their help. Be honest and up-front. Say something like, "My friend, author Austin Camacho, is on video talking about one of his books. Go see the video, then pass the link to everyone you know. We're trying to go viral this weekend!"

See how easy that is? Step three is, make sure you blind copy me on that outgoing e-mail ( at because I'll hold a drawing next weekend and five of you lucky people will be wearing a Hannibal Jones tee shirt or drinking out of a Hannibal Jones coffee mug soon!

Right now the video has been viewed just 25 times (hey, it just got there.) Next weekend I'll let you know how well we did, which will be an index of how influential you guys are. Don't let me down, now. By spending just 90 seconds on YouTube you can be a part of history.

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