Doesn't that sound like a Ross MacDonald title? In reality, the lovely and brilliant folks at Worldwide Mystery (a branch of Harlequin) have decided to publish a mass market (i.e., less than $5) version of my very first mystery, "Mew is for Murder" in November. Worldwide only sells online (how do you think they keep their prices so low?) and they only print a limited number of books, so this is a limited-time offer. Once the books are gone, they're gone! But this fall, they're making the deal even better with a free shipping offer. So, if you'd like to catch up with my Theda Krakow series, or with any of the many other authors (including Cynthia Riggs, Susan Oleksiew, Leslie Wheeler, and many many others), click on this link for the deal. Or, even better, go for the bookclub freebie deal, with the link below. Yes, it says "eHarlequin." Don't be scared. Just go over to the right and click on "mysteries," and there we will be... Enjoy An Exclusive Offer from and yes, this is the charming new cover:

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