It is a hazy morning in Bangkok. More likely than not it will rain this afternoon and flood the streets for about an hour. That happens on Friday afternoons this time of year especially just as a massive weekend traffic jam is building up. I work out of where I live so I can look out at the traffic and try and understand the depth of the misery that comes from being stuck 2 hours a day behind the wheel.

I am putting together my stuff, and loading up the laptop as I prepare for a one week trip to Pattaya. My plan is to finish the first draft of the new Vincent Calvino novel. So long as there is a quiet environment and access to good Thai food, then I can disappear into the book for 7 days. Hopefully by the time I emerge from my cell, I will have the first draft in hand. Then the hard work of rewriting will begin.

I try to blog around twice a week at Mostly about books I have been reading or local events about publishing in Asia that has possible interest to writers.

There is some agreement among booksellers and publishers that readers like a continuing series. There is a very good article by Jim Huang on the current state of publishing, the crime series, and the relationship between indie bookseller and the large chains.

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