Yesterday was the Official Book Launch for the recently released Douglas Quinn novel titled "Blue Heron Marsh". My husband and I were among the Invitations Only list of people that attended. The party was held at the Author's home in Weeksville, NC. , so it was a good thing Jerry was with me to help read the road directions, so I didn't get list.

Weeksville isn't too far from our home in Hertford, NC., but there's so many side roads and turns that I'd never been on before. Years ago it would have been fine for me to glance at directions while finding my way around other areas, but unfortunately now, I'm subjected to reading glasses, unless I blow the font up to extremes and use several pieces of paper to catch the words at a quick glance. Not a lot of fun, I can assure you.

We had a great time at the Party, and stayed until the end, when everything was being cleaned up. Here's a photo that the Author's son Chris took of Douglas Quinn and me, holding the signed copy of "Blue Heron Marsh". His beagle Solace was trying to get into the photo too.

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