Just got back from Telluride. And have I got a tip. Look for festivals to sell books. Look for people milling around. Look for a nearby bookstore to sponsor your sales. I stood outside Between The Covers in Telluride on Saturday selling copies of "Antler Dust." Okay, I sold 26 copies in just a little over two hours. They were flying. But people were in the mood to buy, devour, explore. I believe festivals must make people well, carefree. They certainly seemed open to the idea of buying something they knew little about. Okay, so where does Bob Dylan come in? Here's the setting when I arrived: Sean Penn was speaking on a panel in this tiny (little, think minuscule) park a half-block away from Between The Covers, this incredible bookstore and coffee shop. And I was thinking about how to get a copy of "Antler Dust" to him. Didn't happen. But then I arrive at the store and one of the staffers and I load a table out to the sidewalk. This is a small table. Think "tiny." Think "can't put much promotional material on this size table." She says, when we're done, that my "other" table might be free in a minute but right now Bob Dylan is using it. My heart is suddenly being chewed on my back molars. Wait a minute, I don't have any back molars! I saunter into the back coffee shop, ever so non-chalant. Way cool. Yep, the guy at the table is Bob Dylan. Of course, I'm ready for it to be Bob Dylan. The movie about him is called "I'm Not There," directed by Todd Haynes, and it's premiering at the film festival, right? Isn't it? Well, it sure looks like him. I go about my business and set up out on the sidewalk. And...a few minutes later out walks Bob Dylan. Only...he's got a limp. And, well, is it him? I don't know, I just don't know. About an hour later, Jon Krakauer is mingling in a small cluster of fans near the front of the store. And, yes, it's definitely Jon Krakauer and I casually introduce myself and mention a mutual friend. He could not have been more supportive & Kind. Who else did I meet? Longtime jazz critic Gary Giddins (Village Voice) and People Magazine correspondent Vickie Bane and many other wonderful people. Final thought: stop at the festivals. Lots of fun.

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