It looks like the airfield scenes for "Against The Wind" are pretty much finished. I got to fly in an old biplane yesterday. I was dragged bloody and groaning from the plane for an extended scene, a wounded unsung hero. My Method Acting was through recalling the wee hours when I was dragged back to my dorm room, dribbling booze vomit and nursing a kicked head...

Though I look mean and serious in all my scenes, it's actually because my brain is boiling due to all the leather and the fact that I'm not wearing my glasses and I'm squinting at everything, like bullets, airplane hangers, the director's wildly waving arms, the ground. I'm also ready to ditch the mustache.

New article up about graphic novels. I've got a positive response on adapting They Hungerbut I'm realizing I need to get some artwork for it, which probably means hiring an artist. I believe professionals should be paid but I'm not so sure about investing in a speculative venture. besides, all my friends in movies and comics are all trying to write novels now because they think the grass is greener over here...hell, and here I am winging into the world of indie acting, which is almost as bad as poetry when it comes to getting paid.

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