In for Questioning - First Podcast is up!

Today marks the official launch of "In for Questioning," a weekly podcast geared toward Crime Fiction - writers, readers, and various other criminally-minded types. I drag 'em in, ask the (sorta) tough questions and toss 'em back out again. So check out this week's show and see whatcha think! Questions or comments? Well, that's what the comments section is for, right? Or drop me an email at

Our first victim:

Suspect: Daniel Hatadi

Age: Old enough to know better

Occupation: Crime fiction writer, reader, founder of Crimespace, erstwhile musician and all 'round trouble-maker

Last known location: Sydney, Australia

In this week's episode, we haul Daniel Hatadi in for questioning. Listen in as I ask him about Crimespace, his "left under the bed" first novel, and his unnatural attraction to a dead rubber chicken. We also find out how Daniel would bump off Prof. Plum, and what goes next to the shrimp on his barbie.

Join us next week when we haul Edgar-nominated author, Cornelia Read, in for questioning...

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Comment by terry bowman on September 21, 2007 at 2:02am
Hi Angie- Looks like the link to your website is bad. I had to cut it up to get it to work. I'm downloading you to iTunes right now. Can't wait. It's a great idea. Have you listened to Shannon Clute's podcast, Behind the Black Mask?

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