Okay, so once again this doesn't immediately relate to crime fiction. But there is a tie-in with my books, both with a book giveaway and a character naming. And besides, I write mysteries with cats in them, so here you go: One of our great local shelters here in Boston, Animal Rescue League, has launched a mobile pet adoption van. When I had lunch with two of ARL's guys last week, we talked about this and I asked about screening. After all, for someone to take an animal in while it's still a cute kitten or a puppy only to bring it back a few months later, when it is considered less cute and adoptable, is a crime. But as this article makes clear, the ARL is being pretty good about screening. At any rate, they're trying -- which is why I'm contributing both a set of signed books and the right to name a feline character in my next book to their big October fundraiser "Moonlight Ball", and why we'll be doing a fund-raising event later this year. More details as they come together. And, yes, this is where we got Musetta. This is what she looked like in those days:

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