Marshalling ‘The Intruders’ - I'm peeping out from my HUGE to-be-read pile, which is so big that I am frightened in case there is a wmd lurking inside its core.

Anyway -

A little while back, we told you about a book that I predict will be a huge hit in 2007 – ‘The Intruders’ by Michael Marshall [Smith]. The Rap Sheet published an extract of an interview with Marshall that I recorded due to my excitement over this remarkable novel. Now Shots Ezine will be publishing the full content of my exchange with Marshall. Click here to read more

As an added treat, you can download the first chapter as a .pdf so you can read for yourself why I am so excited about this new work. Click here for the .pdf

‘The Intruders’ is set for release in the UK in April by HarperCollins and in the States in August by William Morrow – my review is available here

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