Robin Caroll has written a suspense-filled thriller with a big splash of romance thrown in. CoCo is not an everyday heroine, yet the author shows the grace that CoCo has learned since becoming a Christian, especially in dealing with those difficult questions about why God lets bad things happen. The pages don’t stop turning as CoCo and Luc reconcile their relationship and work on solving the murder. The secondary characters are marvelous, from Grandmere to Tara, CoCo’s sister; Luc’s alcoholic mother, and his frail yet brave sister, Felicia. But let us not forget the biggest star of the story, the Louisiana Bayou. BAYOU JUSTICE is a riveting read. I highly recommend this book

Robin Caroll will be releasing more of her Bayou inspired books in 2008, so stay tuned; this author delivers the goods.--Deborah C Jackson, Romance Reviews Today

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