As someone who has been dabbling with fiction writing for years with little to show for it, I'm happy to report that I have a new story in the latest issue of ThugLit. The story, "Cut," came quickly and showed me that perhaps all of my years of reading mystery and crime fiction has given me a sort of innate sense of how to write my own. None of my attempts at straight fiction have been as easy or felt so complete. Of course, mine isn't the only story there; Todd and Co. have picked a great half-dozen as usual for issue 20, so check it out: ThugLit 20.

I'd love to get any feedback from folks. I feel like my writing finally has some direction, and perhaps some momentum. DZ was kind enough to post one of my flash fictions at Muzzle Flash, and Bryon has one of my stories in the pipeline at Demolition as well.

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