In most parts of life it was a struggle to find my place, but in the evenings I fell into reviewing, fell into webmistressing, and fell into editing. There they were, waiting for me. While I was editing a series of short story anthologies for inexperienced writers (which I still do), I realized that there are a lot of people with fresh ideas who either haven't been able to break into fiction publishing, or who choose not to go through the obstacle course of mainstream publishing. This is a loss for readers, and I want to do something about it.

The final straw was the demise of Jacobyte Books, the award-winning e-pub home of authors who are too wonderfully weird to get a look-in, because print publishers can't afford to experiment. Jacobyte was brought down by the cost of POD. I decided I could find a way around that. Someone has to fill that niche.

So I found my team of co-owners with the various necessary skills, and Calderwood Books is the result. Currently we are pulling together a catalog big enough to open with. Our goal is a list of books good enough to be irresistible even to die-hard tree-book readers. We are interested both in new books and in books that shouldn't have gone out of print (if you have the rights back).

In the daytime I walk the line with accident injuries and auto insurance and attorneys, and go home in the evening to the good stuff.

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