"Name That Anthology" contest - final days

About a week left in the submission window for stories for the quirky crime anthology HOW'D THEY DO THAT? Editor is fellow Crimespacer Jenifer Nightingale-Ethier. She's open to cross-genre pieces, so long as the core of the plot is a mystery/crime situation.

But, wait, there's more! Also taking suggestions for a new, cleverer (?) name for the book. You don't have to submit a story to suggest a title. Winner of the title contest gets cash & credit in the book.

See details at the company website for Notorious Press


Other projects in the pipeline are:

* HARDBOILED HORROR, an anthology with each story mixing the crime and horror genres, and ...

* THE STEAM MAN OF THE PRAIRIES, a reprint of an 1865 "dime novel" adventure classic!

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