Help !!!! this site is going to cost me a fortune because I keep discovering all these new Authors on here and my to buy list is rapidly growing by the Hour.

Yes I am a Book Addict sorry but Libraries aren't for me I must have the books close to hand so I can read whatever I want ,whenever I want, however I must concede that last Year I did have a big clean out and donated lot's of books and Magazines to Oxfam but none of my Mystery books left the house only the Romance and Horror's of my youth.

My old friends the Mystery's and Co stayed put and this Christmas they are getting a new home we are converting my Son's old room to a Library come Office Space for me .Ahh the bliss of it Miles Davis playing in the background as I lose myself in a Novel.

Maybe I will start writing that Novel that I have had the outline for for the past 12 Years even named my Dog after one of the Characters I created.

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Comment by Karen from AustCrime on October 17, 2007 at 3:11pm
You are saying that like we think being a book addict would be a bad thing [VBEG]

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