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Maddison Grace Sweeney arrived by C-section last Friday night and I can now call myself Grandma. Yahoo! The troubles that went before, not being there, all those selfish things didn't matter a twit once she arrived. A baby is a miracle for so many more reasons than I ever imagined before she came. You might say can't do anything but cry, eat, pee, poop and sleep, but there is so much more. She can unite a family in instant love. She can bring a smile every time I see her face. She can fill me with a warmth I've never experienced before. She is a tiny, constant fire inside me now. Maddie is here and we are so lucky she is perfect.

My son has been a computer guru since the age of 12 and of all the things he's done with that genius, nothing is better than the live hook up we have so that he can call us on the phone and there's our Maddie. She's stretching and yawning and sleeping and crying. But there's more to see than her--although it's hard to take my eyes off Maddie. Yup, I see my son holding his daughter, smiling from ear to ear, comforting her when she cries and also wanting to make sure we don't miss out on any of it. This techno world may be a pain sometimes--especially when hard drives crash and little stuff like that--but it's also amazing and wonderful. I can see our Maddie and once the webcam arrives--that would be me checking the front door for Fed Ex every five minutes--she will be able to see us, too. So forgive grandma, if she fills up space with pictures now. Because they are worth a thousand words each and more.

First_maddie_pictureMaddie_and_mommy Maddie_and_daddy Maddies_bath First_family_photo Aunt_candy_and_maddie

Candy_and_maddie2 Maddie_and_her_hands Maddisonbarb_0681_2 Maddie_and_roses Maddie_with_all_flowersBeautiful_maddie And this is my favorite picture of all. Our little red-headed Maddie is here and I can't wait to hold her! Oh, and the yellow roses? She's part Texan even though she lives in Seattle!

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