Behind in posting podcasty goodness, that is. After booting the techie gremlins out and switching podcast hosting sites, In For Questioning is still churning out interviews with cool crime fic peeps.

Suspect: James Oswald
Age: Doesn't really matter, does it?
Occupation: Writer, animal poopologist
Last known location: Somewhere unpronounceable in Wales...

This week we talk with author James Oswald, who lives in Wales, but is a Scotsman and don't even think about calling him Welsh or he'll get a wee bit upset with you. Listen in as James talks about his supernatural/police procedural Debut Dagger nominated novel, NATURAL CAUSES, his tragic lack of Halloween experience, and the potential pitfalls of mixing a shepherdess costume with a beard.

Suspect: Kat Richardson
Age: Dammit, that's personal!
Occupation: Author of GREYWALKER series
Last known location: Seattle, WA

this week's episode, Kat talks about her gritty paranormal P.I. books, who she'd pick to play the lead in GREYWALKER: THE MUSICAL, and what sends her Creep-O-Meter into the red zone.

For more info on Kat and her books, visit her website at

(show posted Oct. 15, 2007)

Suspect: Charlie Huston
Age: Dunno
Occupation: Writerly dude
Last known location: Another lost soul in La-La Land, CA

this week's episode, I talk with Charlie about his Joe Pitt books, the benefits of having an undead protagonist, and his status on the Most Wanted lists of PETA and Cozy Mystery Fans.

For more about Charlie and his work, visit his website

Check out his Moon Knight work here

Oh, and it WAS Kabuki. Here's the linky to the writer's website.
(show originally posted Oct. 8)

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