This is my favorite kind of day. It's raining -- just sprinkling a bit right now -- and I'm kicked back catching up on email and a few other necessary chores. Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys Season Two is playing on the DVD player -- and I do need to post my thoughts on this favorite TV show of my misspent youth over at Girl Detective one of these days. It's so...different than I remembered.

I finally got to preview the cover for CORPSE POSE, the first book in the new Mantra for Murder series, which comes out in April of next year. It think Berkeley did a great job with it; someone actually appears to have READ the book. Or at least a description of the book.

Fun, yeah? And it's just about time to start work on book two -- Dial Om for Murder. Just as soon as I get the rough draft finished on Docketful of Poesy, fourth book in the Poetic Death series. I love both these series, and isn't that a lucky thing? And they're so different. Hopefully not so different that readers won't find something to enjoy in both.

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Comment by LC Fraser on December 11, 2007 at 7:42am
Do you have a firm date for publication on this? I have it on my list at Sleuth for April - any change? And --- a fourth for the Poetic Death book!! YES! Any date on that? Or maybe not so much date as idea of roughly when? I really do love that series.

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