October has been a good month so far. Granted, it's my favorite month out of the year 'cause of a certain holiday that falls on the final day, but the rest of it hasn't been anything to sneeze at either. Why am I so jubilant? Several reasons:

1. My Masters creative writing thesis committee has been assembled and it's my dream committee. All four professors I asked to participate agreed and I didn't need to resort to the runners up list.

2. My creative writing thesis project has been approved by said committee and I'm free to pursue it. (Basically, I had to submit a mini-prospectus to them. They all read it over and said, "Cool!")

3. I took my foreign language proficiency exam last week. Still waiting on the results, but I think I passed it. (Two hours of being stuck in a room with a passage in classical Latin and only a dictionary and my brain working to translate that sucker. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I won't have to repeat it.)

4. South (aka University of South Alabama) is offering a class on Milton (concentration on Paradise Lost) next semester, which is great timing considering my thesis project deals with some of the same issues as presented in PL. I managed to secure my spot in the class on the first day of open registration. Woot!

5. I saw a living rock legend in concert -- Alice Cooper! I've been a fan since the 1970's and he was at the top of my list of "Must See in Concert" performers. (Yes, I was just a wee little kid, but my older sister was a huge fan and she and I shared a room. I learned the lyrics to all the songs on the Alice Cooper Goes to Hell album and sang them around the house. Mom was mortified.)

6. Tom Savini, a master of Hollywood horror makeup and special effects, is coming to South next Tuesday -- as a guest speaker sponsored by a campus organization that I helped to found, the Horror Club -- and I get to accompany one of my favorite professors to pick Mr. Savini up at the airport. WOOOHOOOO!!

7. Wednesday is Halloween and I get to spend it in my fiction workshop class. Sweet! (I love this class. The people are so cool.)

8. Last Friday was the 2nd Annual Horror Club Halloween Bash. Tons of fun and a successful showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show -- with audience participation! Second year in a row...it's becoming tradition. Love it!

9. The weather here in Mobile has finally turned cooler, and I only have to deal with one more month of hurricane season. Yay! I'll be counting the days until I can say we dodged another soggy bullet.

So, yeah, things have been good. A big honkin' white chocolate mocha salute to October!



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