Issue # 3 of Heliotrope is live.
Since we are a recent entry into mystery/crime fiction market we are hoping that future issues will have more crime fiction content. But quality always trumps quanitity right?
This issue we are exited to present an exclusive excerpt from Ken Bruen's unpublished novel Once Were Cops.
Here is the Table of Contents


Red-Haired Man in a Sweater by Brendan Connell Moon at the Starry Diner by Tina Connolly
He Angles, She Refracts by Rob Vagle


The Witch by Theodora Goss


The Anatomy of “Sleep” by Jeffrey Ford Plus ca Change by Michael Moorcock
The Shadow Cabinet by Jeff Vandermeer

Previews/Exclusive Excerpts:

Once Were Cops by Ken Bruen Grease Monkey Book 2 by Tim Eldred
Fablewood edited by William Ward

Here is the link to the issue -

Here is the link to the Ken Bruen excerpt -

Here are Heliotropes submission guidelines - I swear we really do want your crime fiction stories. -

--Brian Lindenmuth

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