I am to a point now where I have to choose. I've been sitting in this room with the blinds adjusted just so they'll slant those moody orange slats of light over me in the death of afternoon. I've been working on three books at a time. One is the fourth in my Roland Longville series; the other is a stand-alone epic crime novel (how often do you see those?) that covers the entire career of a Southern sheriff. The third is a novel about..human darkness, I guess. A guy who thinks he's someone else, surrounded by people who think he is someone else, yet...I keep dividing my energies between these three works, expanding my liver, (as well as my questionable reputation among the locals) and other pursuits, such as Web Development, Computer repair, Music (includes songwriting) and finishing up that short story collection and getting it to the publisher....I think I had a girlfriend a month or so ago, but she gave up on me the last time I said I'd call her back after I 'finished this scene.' I seem to remember she was kind of nice though.

No more blogging; must write fiction...

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