Accomplished nothing today. 526 words. I got side-tracked reading writer's guidelines on the internet, and brainstorming NF articles. By the time I started writing my creativity was shot. My head was filled with NF ideas, not my wip. I noticed right away that my heroine's voice sounded completely different. It threw me, made me feel like I should go back and read everything I've written. I don't dare do that. It'll make me want to start rewriting. I've got to forge ahead without slowing down or looking back but I have no idea which direction to go. I hate it when my mind goes blank.

Tomorrow I'll try something different:

I'll start earlier. I'll put on Concentration, music from the Thinking Series. That usually helps. Tonight maybe something will come to me. Usually, I work these problems out subconsiously and the solution hits me when I wake up.

I lost a lot of ground today. :(

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