Simplify Your Gift Giving For Book Lovers and Lighthouse Enthusiasts

Simplify Your Gift Giving For Book Lovers and Lighthouse Enthusiasts Do you need find gifts for book lovers? Are there lighthouse and beach enthusiasts on your list? This could simplify your gift shopping experience. Award winning author Nikki Leigh, is offering a special that will please the readers and beach lovers on your list and it makes your shopping easier. What more could a hurried shopper want as the biggest gift giving season of the year approaches? Author, Nikki Leigh, has two book series that center around the coast, lighthouses, history, lifesaving service. They are suspense filled stories that are character driven and contain vivid and accurate settings. Do you or your friends like books that make you feel that your feet are in the sand with gulls flying overhead? If so, you need to check out Nikki Leigh’s books. One series of Leigh’s books are set on the Cape Ann coast of Massachusetts near Gloucester. There is one contemporary book where the story begins titled Stormy View. This book is currently only available from Ms Leigh, so limited copies of the original book are still available. The next two books in this series take you back to the 1840’s and 1850’s on the Cape Ann coast when life was tough and unpredictable for the residents. This is a series about strong women in a family whose lives are affected in many ways by the ocean and they count on the lighthouse keeper to help their men reach the shore, safely. The historic books in this series are Widow’s Walk, Book One and Lady Lightkeeper, Book Two. Readers will find a lot of coastal and lighthouse history woven into these books. Ms Leigh’s second series begins with Lilah and the Locket which is set along the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It is set in 1954 when the Civilian Conservation Corps were finishing the National Seashore surrounding the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. A lot of local flavor and history were woven into this cozy mystery that begins when Kristie’s German shepherd Lilah finds a human bone in the sand dune at the Cape Hatteras lighthouse. To make gift giving easier for you, Ms Leigh will autograph and send any books you purchase, directly to the recipient. No boxes to prepare, no trip to the post office and your friend or family will receive the book from the author. She offers discounts for people who buy multiple books. For more information, visit E-mail Book order details are located at If you prefer, most of these titles are available on Suggested Retail for each novel is $16.95 --- On Sale NOW - 1 Book $15 ~~ 2 or more books only $13 each (Compare 4 books - Amazon $68 or From the Author $52)

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