by Guest Blogger Felicia Donovan

I’ve created a monster. Four monsters, in fact. It seems the four femme fatales of THE BLACK WIDOW AGENCY have developed a mind of their own and things are getting a bit out of control.

First it started with the idea that the Black Widows should have their own website. Mind you, I already had my own author website ( and that was plenty to manage given what little spare time I have. Then I was cajoled into letting Katie, Alexandria, Margo and Jane have their own website. I acquiesced, so now the Black Widows have their very own ( with links to all the things near and dear to their hearts including geeky spots like computer forensic groups, their favorite chocolate recipes and even some menopause information sites. They have their say on dating, relationships, chocolate (again) and offer on-line safety tips. That was all well and good.

But then they found out I had my own blog ( ) so sure enough, the Black Widows had to have their own blog. ( ). I blog about the ups and downs of the writing life – the excitement of seeing the new book cover for the first time, the fun of meeting other authors. They blog about cybercrime and …you guessed it…more chocolate.

I’ve lost total control of my characters and I’m not sure I’ll ever get it back. What’s worse is that they seem to get better stats than I do. I don’t know whether to be insulted or proud. I’m starting to feel a bit pushed out of the whole picture. At this point, I’m just glad my name is still allowed to appear on the cover. What’s next – their own streaming podcast? Stop this madness! I’m your Creator, for heaven’s sake!

Katie: “Listen, Ladies, we’d better not get her anymore upset or she’ll write one of us out of the series.”
Margo: “Like hell she will. I didn’t bust my damn ass being entertaining just so she could write me out. Y’all have to learn to stand up to this damn nonsense.”

Alexandria: “Katie, you want me to hack into her computer and see what she’s been writing about us?”

Katie: “I really don’t think that’s necessary, Alex…yet.”

Jane: “I’m worried about her, Katie. Why just the other day, I read an article about an author who lost all sense of reality and had to be institutionalized. Poor thing.”

Margo: “She’ll be losing a lot more then her sense of reality if she tries to write one of us out of the damn books.”

See what I mean?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * CoverblackwidowagencyFelicia Donovan's first book in the Black Widow Agency series was an October 2007 release. The second in the series, Spun Tales, will be available from Midnight Ink in July 2008. Don't miss it!

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