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Carved_turkey I wasn't expecting to get the majority of the turkey from last week's Thanksgiving feast. Hoping, but not expecting.

Friday we had a guest and decided not to subject her to leftovers, so out came Leann's marvelously easy top round Swiss steak in the Crockpot recipe. (And it smells sooooo good cooking, too.)

Saturday, we pigged out at our favorite fish fry haunt, the Globe Hotel in East Aurora. Man, that fillet looked more like orca than haddock it was so big! Naturally, we were too full to eat for the rest of the day.

TurkeysaladSo Sunday was the first of the turkey leftovers. I started early. First up, turkey salad. I love chicken and/or turkey salad. I could probably eat it for weeks on end before I get sick of it (and may have to). Hubby doesn't like turkey salad, so I cut slices of turkey for hot turkey sandwiches for him. Then I made our dinner, so-named by my younger brother (when he was about 10): mule-meat casserole. (Which consists of a layer of turkey smothered in gravy, and then stuffing on the top. Bake until stuffing is crispy once again.) Along with that, we had leftover parsnip cakes, which my aunt makes especially for me. Yum!

Next up, turkey pot pie with a puff pastry crust. Oy! De-lish!

Turkey_soup_2I hacked a lot of meat off the bones. They went into the soup pot, which is probably already simmering on the stove right now. (I wrote this yesterday.) This was a BIG bird. I'll probably have a couple of gallons of soup. Most of which will get frozen in small containers so that I can zap them in the microwave for lunches.

I love leftovers. I just wish hubby was as enthusiastic about them.

And what about you? Care to share your leftover recipes?

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