60s Rock and Roll is alive and well at V2 Theater in Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas

I wanted share one of my columns in today’s Las Vegas edition of Examiner.com with you. This one isn’t really about writing. It’s about rock and roll. 

You see, 60s Rock is alive and well in Las Vegas. I was invited to review and enjoy “Echoes of the 60s” at the V2 Theater at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas and took a step back in time. The show was conceived by
Bill DeLoach, a former longtime member of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons and later the Danny Gans Show. Flanked by a group of seasoned performers who have also been members of recognizable groups (you can read about them in the article), they took us on a very cool trip through the dawning era of rock,
opening with the powerful voice of Marilyn James, all decked out in a mile high hairdo (some of you will remember that), go-go boots and a routine that was like Goldie Hawn as the go-go girl meets Nancy Sinatra meets every cool girl singer of the 60s.

Click on this link: http://exm.nr/echoesof60s to read my review and watch their short video. If you have the opportunity, this show is well worth catching. It runs through the end of the year, every night at 6:00 except for Friday and Sunday. I’ll be going back as will the two writers I was with—true crime author Dennis Griffin and rock and roll historian and author Donald Riggio.

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