Mallory silhouetteI need Mallory Petersen!

Actually, I need a Mallory Petersen. This is your time to step up and be noticed. I'm looking for a person to be my representative Mallory Petersen.

Who is Mallory? Well, if you've been reading my two books, Beta and Alpha (and if you haven't, get to it already) you'll know I'm talking about my heroine who is a Fourth Degree Black Belt in taekwondo and a private investigator in Des Moines. She's the fun loving, high kicking woman who has her students' loyalty, is confused by her office manager's enigmatic nature, and has oddballs for clients.

In Beta, she is on the trail of a kidnapped eight year old girl and she travels from Des Moines to Oskaloosa, Iowa, to the Quad Cities and back to Des Moines before she's through. During her adventure, she meets some goofy crooks and a handsome detective.

In Alpha, she relates to her boyfriend (the aforementioned detective), how she solved the murder of her previous boyfriend and uncovered a narcotics ring.

In the forthcoming mystery, Delta, she is hired to retrieve jewelry from an abusive husband, track down a dog-napper, and is up against the killer of some of her classmates.

Mallory also has been featured in Taekwondo Times magazine in serialized short stories.

I'm looking for a person to be my Mallory. I would have you dressed in a martial arts uniform and posed for pictures in several positions exhibiting various martial arts techniques. The pictures would be used for: short story covers, bookmarks and other promotional material including promotional book covers (I can't guarantee you would be used on the actual covers, but I'll put in a good word).

So, who am I looking for? Well, Mallory is 29, but I will consider anybody who passes for 29. She is six foot tall but you don't have to be. Long blonde hair. Preferably blue eyes. Attractive.

Do you fit the bill or know somebody who does who might be interested? Well, contact me.

“Wait a second,” you ask, “what's in it for me?”

Glad you asked. Now, I'm not a professional photographer and am not looking for professional models or celebrities (Maggie Lawson and Elizabeth Harnois probably aren't available. Okay, I haven't asked them, but I suspect they aren't.) Previous Mallorys have been my sister and a black belt from Minnesota. I also don't have a lot of money so I can't pay you in cold hard cash. What I can offer are: a free copy of any books I publish (this includes a copy of Alpha); mentions in blogs and tweets and FB posts; my undying gratitude. Oh, and a free dinner...and you don't even have to dine with me, although that would be nice.

Still interested? Think you're up for the challenge? Send me an email at with a head shot, a full body shot (you don't have to be wearing a martial arts uniform) and why you would be the perfect Mallory in no more than twenty-five words. (Okay, if you go over, I won't disqualify you.) You don't have to be wearing a martial arts uniform.

Are you out there, Mallory?

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