A Current Photo is an Important Tool in Protecting Your Child

As my friends and regular readers of this blog already know, I have another passion in addition to writing thriller novels. I love to practice my hobby of photography and you often will find that I’ve posted some of my favorite shots on here for others to enjoy. Grabbing a camera and capturing the world around you is definitely a great way spend some free time. You can take some pictures of the natural beauty that explodes as spring awakens out of the cold winter. Or, maybe your interest in more in the historical structures and landmarks that dot our landscape. It could be that you only bought your camera to create beautiful memories of your children that will hang on your walls for a lifetime, and that is certainly good enough reason! However, did you know that these precious photographs can serve a much more important purpose?

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children advertises that one of the most important things that you can do for your child is always have an up-to-date photo, preferably no more than six months old. If you face the nightmare of a missing child, this picture can be one of the most crucial pieces of information that you can give to detectives and neighbors. Some of the other steps that parents can take to protect their children from being abducted in the first place include teaching safety rules from a young age, telling children to fight and scream if grabbed by a stranger, knowing your neighbors, and always making sure that your child has a friend when walking to school or another house to play. While we unfortunately cannot prevent every kidnapping from occurring, we can do as much as possible to minimize the risk.
In my book Compulsion, Emily Stone makes child kidnappers and pedophiles some of her primary targets. She tracks their every move until she has gathered enough evidence for law enforcement to make the arrest. I don’t think there is a more dangerous type of criminal to get off our streets. I hope you will read Compulsion and discover Emily Stone’s crusade for yourselves.

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