I often like to use this blog to point you to an interesting website. Almost always it's mystery-related, but to prove I'm an equal opportunity lover of literature, today I'll talk about a romance site. Specifically, "Virginia is for Romance Lovers."

Aside from the cool name, a play on my state motto, this site features the musings of half a dozen authors who apply the definition of "romance" very loosely. You'll find discussions of the erotic, the humorous, the suspenseful and even the fantasy side of romance fiction. If you love a good book, you might be surprised to find something here that strikes your fancy.

I happened to be there today because Kat Lively - a staunch supporter of the mystery genre - posted a guest blog about an event I'll attend next month. It's a charity affair to support a bookstore in tough times. As its name implies, "Creatures 'n' Crooks" handles a broad spectrum of genre fiction, and writers of many stripes will be at the event. This post is a good place to start reading "Virginia is for Romance Lovers."

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