It was a cold, wet, ugly weekend but I still had a great time at the South Carolina Book Festival. For two days the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center was alive with local, regional, and national book dealers, antiquarians, publishers, authors and book lovers. Aside from meeting a number of great people I signed a good number of my novels for new fans.

The biggest reason I had so much fun was that I was hanging with my fellow authors from Echelon Press the whole time. I could try to tell you just why that was so cool, but it will be easier to show you. Luckily, publisher Karen Syed captured a slice of the silliness in her blog, “The Life of a Publisher.”

You can get an alternative view of the fun from fellow author Regan Black, who did a lot to keep the Echelon ship afloat over the weekend – greeting readers, stocking books and keeping a smile for all comers.

In other news, I was recently invited to be a guest blogger on “Acme Authors Link” which is a great spot to be, since several of my favorite writers hang out there. This is definitely a writer’s site, with new tips on writing craft, networking and marketing posted every day. Sunday was my first official fill in posting, and I’m kinda proud of it.

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